Edinburgh Potholes Come In Threes

I was travelling down Pilton Drive North today when I came across a trio of potholes. They were by a bus stop and from the pattern they made I presume the bus braking at the stop has abraided the road, causing them:

Note that all three potholes show evidence of having botched repairs done to them, and then the potholes re-forming over the repairs. I have seen this many, many times with potholes, particularly ones caused by buses.

Here a closeup of the furthest one. The Pepsi can is for scale and suggests it is about 3 foot long:

The streets didn’t use to be this bad. Here’s a Google Street Map photo of the same street from May 2014, without any evidence of potholes, in fact the road surface is nice and smooth:

Does anyone else have any good pictures of potholes? What’s the biggest one we can find?

Edit 13-May-2016: I have reported this to the council, let’s see if they fix it, and if so whether they fix it properly or make a half-arsed job of it (my money’s on the latter).

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