Infogalactic, a fork of Wikipedia


Alt-right blogger Vox Day has launched Infogalactic, a fork of Wikipedia, in order to correct what he sees as the left-wing bias of Wikipedia.

This is something I take an interest in because some time ago I launched my own fork of Wikipedia, Includipedia (which failed due to inadequate execution).

Will Infogalactic succeed? If it confines itself to promoting a more right-wing point of view to Wikipedia, then it will die or become a joke like Conservapedia. But if it addresses the more general shortcomings of Wikipedia such as rampant deletionism and rules lawyering, it may well succeed.

And if it forces Wikipedia to up its game, that can only be good for internet encyclopedias generally. Incidentally, Wikipedia’s article on Infogalactic has, at the time of writing, been deleted, which makes Wikipedia look like it can’t stand competition and which to stick its head in the sand.

Infogalactic has a blog.

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Hillary versus Donald

Scott Alexander compares Hillary Clinton with Donald Trump:

Which of the candidates in this election are millennarian? If Sanders were still in, I’d say fine, he qualifies. If Stein were in, same, no contest. But Hillary? The left and right both critique Hillary the same way. She’s too in bed with the system. Corporations love her. Politicians love her. All she wants to do is make little tweaks – a better tax policy here, a new foreign policy doctrine there. The critiques are right. Hillary represents complete safety from millennialism.

Trump’s policy ideas are mostly silly, but no one cares, because he’s not really running on policy. He’s running on making America great again, fighting the special interests, and defying the mainstream media. Nobody cares what policies he’ll implement after he does this, because his campaign is more an expression of rage at these things than anything else.

Spot on.

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General Election Prediction

Neil Kinnock is not a fan of Jeremy Corbyn:

Former Labour leader Neil Kinnock has given a stark warning about the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to the BBC’s Panorama programme, Lord Kinnock said: “Unless things change radically, and rapidly, it’s very doubtful I’ll see another Labour government in my lifetime.”

At the last election, Labour got 232 seats, 98 less than the Tories who got 330. Under Corbyn they will probably do worse. So here’s my prediction:

If Jeremy Corbyn is Labour leader at the next general election, Labour will get at least 100 fewer seats than the Tories.

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Government treats religion as just ‘fairies, goblins and imaginary friends’

Baroness Warsi complains:

Religion is still viewed in government circles as little more than a parade of “fairies, goblins and imaginary friends” despite claims that it would now “do God”, according to Britain’s former minister for faith.

Baroness Warsi said there is still misunderstanding and hostility towards religion in “ever secular” Whitehall circles, despite efforts to change the culture.

Sounds about right to me!

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Thoughts on Health Care

The NHS is supposedly running out of money, so much so that one NHS body has decided to withhold treatment to obese people and smokers:

The Vale of York clinical commissioning group (CCG) will make people wait for up to a year for treatment for non-life-threatening conditions such as hip and knee replacements if their body mass index is 30 or higher.

adult smokers will have elective surgery postponed “for six months or until they’ve stopped smoking for eight weeks”.

But does the NHS really need to do this? Consider Spain, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Malta and Cyprus. What these countries have in common is they all spend less per person on health care than the UK, and they all live longer, as this graph from Gapminder shows:


If the UK looked at what these countries are doing, maybe we could learn something.

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Mother Theresa Was No Saint

Instead she was a sadistic religious fanatic.

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Twas Brexit and the Slimey Goves

Twas Brexit and the slimey Goves,
Did lie and grumble in the Mail.
All Menschy were the Boris droves,
And Farage starts to wail.

Beware the Brexiteer, my son,
The fear that bites, the lies that catch.
Beware Teresa May and shun,
Her frumious randy snatch.

With Sturgeon’s speech in hand, went he,
Long time the bigot foe he sought,
So rested he, in the EEC,
And prepped his speech for court.

And as he stood, to plead our case,
The Brexiteer, with eyes of flame,
Came gibbering with an exit poll,
And babbled as it came.

One Two! One Two! And through and through!
With Sturgeon’s speech he drove it back.
It ran in dread, with speed it fled,
Back to a lib’ral tack.

“So Thou didst best the Brexiteer?
Embrace me now!” I say.
“Come sing with me, calloo callay,
Oh look, it’s Robin Day…”

Twas Brexit and the slimey Goves,
Did lie and grumble in the Mail.
All Menschy were the Boris droves,
And Farage starts to wail.


— by Matt Sielewicz

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