New opinion polls put Lib Dems ahead

We have 2 new opinion polls, the first since the local elections.

           ComRes  Opinium  Average
           ======  =======  =======
Brex         28       29      28.5
Lab          26       26      26
Con          14       14      14
Lib Dem      11       12      11.5
Green         6        6       6
ChUK          8        2       5
UKIP          2        4       3

The Lib Dems seem to be moving ahead of the other remain parties, the Greens and Change UK. If this trend continues, the recommendation for remain voters who want to maximise the number of seats remain parties get will have to be to vote Lib Dem.

There’s 13 days to go to the election, so it’s a bit to early to give that verdict yet. But that’s how it will probably go.

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