Remain Parties and Leave Parties

Not sure which parties back remaining in the European Union?

Here’s a handy guide to remain parties and leave parties:

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Jobs First Brexit


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Give Labour a bloody nose

Writing in, Alex Andreou argues that the best way for remainers to make sure we remain in the EU is give Labour a bloody nose, as that will cause Labour to move towards remain:

Labour’s policy is the real obstacle for Remainers. The only realistic and urgent goal therefore, the only thing that can make a true difference in the short and medium term, given parliamentary arithmetic and our electoral system, is to pressure Labour into supporting – finally and unequivocally – what the majority of its members and voters demand: a second referendum with the option to Remain. It’s to show Jeremy Corbyn and his team that there are more votes to be won by moving firmly to a Remain position and more votes to be lost by not.

This is the position Vote Remain 23 May has come to as well.

We ordinary voters have few ways we can force politicians to do what we want. Our most powerful weapon is our vote; remain voters should therefore vote for a remain party in the European elections on 23 May. Once Labour realise that remainers won’t vote for them unless they become a remain party, they are very likely to change.

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Vote Remain on 2nd May


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Gavin Williamson and Huawei


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Schrodinger’s Manifesto: both for and against a People’s Vote

According to Labour MPs, Labour’s policy on Brexit is to both have a people’s vote and not have one.

Wes Streeting says Labour’s policy is to have a people’s vote:


Gloria de Piero, however, says Labour’s policy is not to have a people’s vote:


Maybe their policy is to simultaneously have a people’s vote and not have one, no doubt made possible by the Magical Fairy Dust that comers out of Jeremy Corbyn’s arse.

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Labour is a Brexit Party


Remainers, don’t vote Labour. Vote for a remain party.

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Labour’s policy: pretend to both leavers and remainers Labour is on their side

Victory for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour NEC agrees referendum fudge for European manifesto:

At the end of a five-hour meeting of the NEC, a Labour source said: “The NEC agreed the manifesto which will be fully in line with Labour’s existing policy; to support Labour’s alternative plan, and if we can’t get the necessary changes to the government’s deal, or a General Election, to back the option of a public vote.”

A party spokesperson said: “Labour’s European elections manifesto was agreed at the NEC today and it will be published soon.

“Labour is the only party which represents both people who supported Leave and Remain. We are working to bring the country together after the chaos and crisis created by the Tories.”

But Labour MP Bridget Phillipson, a supporter of the People’s Vote campaign, said: “The manifesto’s mealy-mouthed wording still maintains the fiction that there is a deal out there that can satisfy all the promises made three years ago, avoid real costs to jobs and living standards, or end the endless crisis around Brexit.

“This means Labour risks demoralising activists, depressing turnout among supporters and decreasing the share of the vote for candidates who – like the overwhelming majority of our party – are fighting for a People’s Vote on any Brexit deal.”

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader at Westminster, said: “Labour’s failure to unequivocally put the issue of EU membership back to the people in a referendum means they are conspiring in the Tory-led Brexit shambles.”

Now the task for all remainers is to make sure they vote, and vote for a remain party on 2 May (local elections) and 23 May (European elections). Remain parties include:

  • Liberal Democrats
  • Change UK
  • Greens
  • Scottish National Party
  • Plaid Cymru

Under NO circumstances should remainers vote for either the Labour or Conservative parties, and obviously not for UKIP or the Brexit Party either.

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Will Labour keep sitting on the fence?


The Labour Party’s NEC is due today to decide what their policy on Brexit will be.

Will they come down in favour of a confirmatory referendum, with an option to remain, for any Brexit deal?

Or will they continue their current position of deliberate ambiguity,  pretending to both leavers and remainers that Labour is on their side?

If they say they want a referendum for Brexit, then remainers can vote for them in good conscious.

But if they continue to lie to both leavers and remainers that Labour is on their side, then I very much hope that no-one, leavers or remainers, votes for them. Brexit is the most important issue facing Britain right now, and politicians have an obligation to take a clear view on the matter. Furthermore, they also have a moral obligation not to lie to the voters. It is said that in a democracy the people get the government they deserve; they certainly get the government the majority deserve. If people are prepared to vote for a Labour party characterised by lies, deceit, evading the issue, and deliberate obfuscation, that’s who they’ll deserve.

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Some Recent Opinion Polls

Over the weekend there are been 3 opinion polls for the European election. I’ve averaged them:


It looks like Farage’s Brexit Party are in the lead.They seem to have efficiently sucked votes from Farage’s old party, UKIP.

The remain parties Liberal Democrats, Change UK, and the Greens are all neck-and-neck. Remainers who’re looking to vote for whichever of them is doing best will find it hard to decide.

Labour are second, behind the Brexit Party.

Labour will decide on Tuesday what their position will be on Brexit. if they come out in favour of a confirmatory referendum on any Brexit deal, with an option to remain, then remainers can vote for them in good conscious; but if they don’t, remainers must not vote for them: if you want to remain in the EU, you MUST vote for a remain party.

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