Job offer

I am starting up a company that will produce an inclusionist fork of Wikipedia. Over time it will also collect and integrate data from other sources. I’m looking for a person or persons to work as programmers on the website.

Job title: MediaWiki hacker

Essential skills that you will have:

* Linux
* familiarity with wikis and Wikipedia

Desirable skills:

* ideally you are an experienced MediaWiki hacker who has written MediaWiki extensions
* Python
* experience contributing to open source projects
* experience as a website sysadmin, particularly running Ubuntu and Apache.

Pay: negotiable. Initially on a contract basis. Eventually I hope to offer a full-time job and stock options to a person or persons who is/are competent and efficient. This is your chance to get in at the start of what may be the next big thing. Ideally I’d like someone based in Edinburgh, if not that then in the UK, if not that then anywhere in the world.

If you are interested write to me at

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