Pirate Party UK

The Pirate Party UK (PPUK) fights for your rights on the Internet.

We have 3 core policies:

Reform copyright and patent law. We want to legalise non-commercial file sharing and reduce the excessive length of copyright protection, while ensuring that when creative works are sold, it’s the artists who benefit, not monopoly rights holders. We want a patent system that doesn’t stifle innovation or make life saving drugs so expensive that patients die.

End the excessive surveillance, profiling, tracking and monitoring of innocent people by Government and big businesses.

• Ensure that everyone has real freedom of speech and real freedom to enjoy and participate in our shared culture.

If you care about your civil liberties, if you think people shouldn’t be fined £50,000 for sharing an mp3 worth £1, if you think people shouldn’t be disconnected from the Internet on mere accusation of filesharing, you should support us. Join the Pirate Party. Also, sign up to our Facebook group, and invite all your friends to do the same.


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