My policies: Introduction

‣ Politicians are living in the past
‣ The Pirate Party wants to build a modern 21st century society, fit for the information age.

The existing parties are still living mentally in the 20th century. A good example of this is the Digital Economy Act, in which the politicians are trying to save the record companies’ obsolete 20th century business model by castrating the internet. They won’t succeed, of course, but they’ll cause a lot of collateral damage by the time their failure is obvious even to them.

But the Digital Economy Act is only a symptom. The disease is that politicians are still living in the past. They think in terms of the industrial age, but technology has moved on, into the information age, and we need to build a modern 21st century information society. That’s why I fully endorse the Pirate Party’s manifesto on which it fought the 2010 General Election.

This modern society will be efficient and technologically advanced, which means:

  • it’ll have a new and innovative transport infrastructure, that’s cheap, quick, has reduced congestion, and pollutes less.
  • everyone will be well-off by today’s standards. In particular, one of the main costs people face, housing, will be reduced by using new technology and by removing political obstacles to affordable housing.

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