Will Trumpcare trump Obamacare?

Larry Lessig wonders if Trump is a genius:

But at some point we need to step back and wonder — is this man a genius?  However clumsy, or repulsive, or pathological, a genius in just the ability to see just the right move, even when that move is “obviously the wrong move” according to everyone else.

The examples are endless. Time and time again he made, what the experts called, an outrageous mistake. Again and again, that mistake proved genius. Attacking Republicans for their dependence on rich donors. Calling George Bush’s war the worst mistake, ever. Attacking John McCain, the hallmark of the Republican Party, for his war record. Doubling down on political incorrectness, whenever possible. Floating policy ideas that while appealing (to some), were 10,000x more unlikely that Bernie’s “single-payer health care” — like the wall, or a 35% tariff. Calling Taiwan after the election, so as to further cement the new world order — US+RUSSIA vs. anyone else. Etc.

There’s a whole book to be written on each of these moves. But what unites them all is the almost universal judgment that each was a mistake, and often, predicted to be a fatal mistake. Yet again and again, the prediction was wrong.

Whether or not he’s a genius, Trump has made it clear he doesn’t mind angering people, including his fellow Republicans.

What might this mean for health care? The Republicans want to deny health care to those who can’t afford it:

the Republicans voted to repeal [Obamacare].  They weren’t repealing Obamacare to get us something better. They were repealing Obamacare to exit “the road to serfdom.”

But what does Trump want to do? Maybe he means it when he says he wants to replace Obamacare with something better:

Now Trump is teasing a complete reversal. Yes, we must repeal Obamacare. But there should be “insurance for everyone.” Drug companies will not be coddled anymore. And we’re going to get the “best deal” for America, not just “for the special interests.” Trumpcare won’t be the bronze plan that Obama gave us. Trumpcare will be gold. Why not single-payer health care? Why not Medicare for all? Why not completely incapacitate the political Left, by giving America 10x more than anything Obama ever fought for?

I agree with Lessig that this would be surprising:

I’ve described would be an incredible (and improbable) surprise.

However, we live in surprising times.

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