Infogalactic, a fork of Wikipedia


Alt-right blogger Vox Day has launched Infogalactic, a fork of Wikipedia, in order to correct what he sees as the left-wing bias of Wikipedia.

This is something I take an interest in because some time ago I launched my own fork of Wikipedia, Includipedia (which failed due to inadequate execution).

Will Infogalactic succeed? If it confines itself to promoting a more right-wing point of view to Wikipedia, then it will die or become a joke like Conservapedia. But if it addresses the more general shortcomings of Wikipedia such as rampant deletionism and rules lawyering, it may well succeed.

And if it forces Wikipedia to up its game, that can only be good for internet encyclopedias generally. Incidentally, Wikipedia’s article on Infogalactic has, at the time of writing, been deleted, which makes Wikipedia look like it can’t stand competition and wish to stick its head in the sand.

Infogalactic has a blog.

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