Germans censor the Pirate Party

Three days before an important election, the German State is censoring the Pirate Party:

Reality sometimes does exceed fiction. Three days ahead of the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany’s largest and most populous state, the Piratenpartei‘s website has been discovered to be censored in schools. These state-run institutions do not allow people – voters – to read what policies the challenger party stands for.

Specifically, it is the election program of the German Pirate Party that is being actively censored in schools, under the category “illegal drugs”. It is no secret that the German Pirate Party wants to change the law to regulate, rather than prohibit, cannabis. Apparently, expressing a desire to change the law is seen as just as dangerous as breaking the law – just questioning the current policy: enough to suppress freedom of speech in the state-run schools.

Whether this is merely bungling incompetence or whether it’s an establishment attempt to censor what they perceive as a threat is probably immaterial — it’s very likely that either way the Pirates will score another success in North-Rhine Westphalia, entering that parliament.

The bigger picture here is that any censorship will always be widened and abused, something that Claire Perry MP (Conservative, Devizes) should take note: she wants to censor pornography from the internet, in the name of “protecting the children”. We all know that the censorship would be broadened if it was ever introduced.

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