Pirates win in Schleswig-Holstein, do well in Greece

There were two elections yesterday where Pirates did well.

One was in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany where the Pirate Party got 8.2% of the vote and won 6 seats.

The other was the Greek general election. Here, the Pirates got 0.5% of the vote, which is a good performance for a party that didn’t exist at the start of the year. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from the Greek Pirates over the course of the next few years.

This comes on top of Pirate party UK’s recent successes:

  • In Glasgow, our results were the best we’ve had in that city
  • In Edinburgh, our result was the best we’ve had in that city, and in Scotland
  • In Manchester, we got over 5%, achieving our best result ever across the UK

These results show that Pirates are doing well across Europe and are progressing to becoming a major force in European politics. We aren’t there yet, but we soon will be.

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