Edinburgh’s cultural life is under threat

The cultural life of Edinburgh is under serious threat due to changes to Public Entertainment Licenses. These proposed changes will impose new fees and place an unworkable administrative burden on free admission arts centres and grassroots cultural initiatives across the country. This will affect visual art, music, performance, community and charity-led events and many other forms of public event.

This is particularly stupid given that Edinburgh is a city of culture (for example, it hosts the world’s largest arts festival) and culture is an important part of both Edinburgh’s life and it’s economy. Edinburgh will be shooting itself in the foot if it goes ahead with this. Edinburgh should be encouraging the arts, not putting pointless bureaucratic obstacles in their way.

There is a public meeting (Facebook page here) next Thursday to discuss this issue:

Out of the Blue Drill Hall, 30-36 Dalmeny St, Leith, EH6 9DB
Thursday 1 March 2012, 7pm-9pm

You can also sign the petition.

I’m standing for election to Edinburgh Council this May (Pirate Party, Meadows/Morningside Ward). If I’m elected I will oppose these licenses and charges.

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