Greens adopt Pirate policies

Back in 2009, when I co-founded Pirate Party UK, it was part of my game-plan that we would win in part by persuading other parties to our point of view.

I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly.

The Green/EFA group in the European Parliament has adopted Pirate policies on file sharing and DRM: namely that non-commercial file sharing should be legal, and it should be legal to circumvent DRM. The policy document is here.

To put this in perspective: the Green/EFA group is the 4th biggest in the European Parliament, with 56 MEPs (most are Greens; the 2 Pirate MEPs are also in the group). The EU, in turn is the largest economic bloc in the world, controlling 26% of the world’s GDP.

This means that when Pirates win in Europe, we’ll have won throughout the world, because once the EU adopts our policies, everyone else will soon after. They’ll have to, because once you have BitTorrent trackers and other file sharing websites operating completely legally in the EU, it’ll be impossible for anywhere in the world to stop file sharing, without shutting down their internet, and countries will not be able to shut down their internet infrastructure without destroying their economy.

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