First Pirate in Government — Tunisia’s Slim Amamou

Slim Amamou, the Tunisian blogger and Pirate Party activist who was arrested earlier this month, is now a minister in Tunisia’s government of national unity. Here’s his tweet anouncing his new job:

This means Amamou is now the first Pirate worldwide to become a government minister. Congratulations, Slim!

TorrectFreak reported that:

[Tunisian Prime Minister] Ghannouchi also named the members of his transitional government, which includes Slim Amamou, one of the Pirate Pary members arrested only a few days ago. Amamou is a well-known blogger and activist in Tunisia and played an important role in the ‘online’ revolt against the former government.

Most of the new government are, however, implicated with the old regime:

Tunisia faces more unrest as it promised to free political prisoners and open its government to opposition forces long shut out of power – but with the old guard still in key posts.

Demonstrators carrying signs reading “GET OUT!” demanded that the former ruling party be banished altogether – a sign of more troubles for the new unity government as security forces struggle to contain violent reprisals, shootings and looting three days after the president fled under pressure from the streets.

Even before the new government was announced on Monday, security forces fired tear gas to repel demonstrators who see the change of power as Tunisia’s first real chance at democracy.

It’s too early to tell whether free and democratic elections will happen in Tunisia, because members of the old guard may want to hang on to their power and privileges, but Amamou appears to be the only minister closely linked with the demonstrators, which may help him and the Pirate Party if elections do happen.

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