Stupid 10:10 film

The Green campaigning organisation 10:10 have released a film that seems to imply that people refusing to cut their carbon emissions be publicly executed by being blown to bloody pieces. They subsequently took it down, but not before it was put on YouTube:

Adam Ramsay was not pleased:

So, 1010 have, it seems, attempted to gain publicity by releasing a film which was clearly going to be controverial, waiting for people to upload it onto youtube, then removing it and apologising. This well worn tactic for ensuring things ‘go viral’ is, of course, pretty clever. It is also taking a big risk.

Activists should be controversial. The opposite is being ignored. However, I’m afraid I’m going to line up with the ranks of lefty bloggers saying that this really was pretty terrible.

Mr Eugenides is equally unimpressed:

Quite a mesmerising lack of judgement today from the 10:10 Campaign, a fake environmental charity (paid for by you, natch) that is agitating for everyone to trim their CO2 emissions by 10%. The message in this video, helmed by the increasingly superfluous Richard Curtis, is commendably direct: we’re all in it together, we all have to do our bit, etc etc etc. Either that or, you know, be executed. No pressure.

The message of the film is twofold. Firstly that the way to reduce global carbon emissions is for people to make individual consumer decisions that do so, and secondly that people who choose not to should be publicly executed. The first point is stupid, and the second evil, and putting the two together the message is that greens are swivel-eyed loons and would-be dictators.

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4 Responses to Stupid 10:10 film

  1. Are you SURE this is not a false flag operation?

  2. Craig Hunter says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about trying to save the planet. Do I want the planet to die? No, of course not. I’m not even that sceptical about the scientific claims either. However… to suggest that if I crush my car and get a bus everywhere I’m going to “do my bit” is so stupid. I’m afraid it’s only governments and big business who can do anything about it. Also, nobody is going to stop flying.

  3. George Carty says:

    My reason for being sceptical of global warming alarmism is “Why isn’t the government building nuclear power stations as fast as possible (to replace fossil fuel plants), and gunning down any protesters who try to stop them?”

    If there really was a threat of near-term climate catastrophe, that would be the logical thing to do.

    The only explanation I can think of is that they believe StormSmith’s “peak uranium” bullshit…

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