David Cameron breaks his promises

The Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, has decided to renege on his election promise to protect pensioner benefits. ConservativeHome spins this as “revisiting” the pledge:

The Daily Mail and Times are among the newspapers to confirm last week’s story that Downing Street has decided to revisit David Cameron’s election time pledge to protect all pensioner benefits such as the Winter Fuel Allowance.

So is “revisit” now the approved euphemism for breaking one’s promises to the electorate?

Whatever one thinks about this issue — and I think it is right to protect pensioner benefits — how are the public supposed to choose who to vote for if politicians, once elected, can simply ignore the promises they’ve made?

We need recall elections for MPs, so if an MP “revisits” their election promises, the voters can “revisit” whether to vote for them!

The issue is this: Whose country is it? Does the country belong to the people, or to the politicians? Are the politicians our masters, or our servants?

David Cameron and the Consiervative / Liberal Democrat coalition have given their answer. And it’s the same answer Labour gave under Blair and Brown when they broke their promises. The Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour parties are all in agreement on this: they want politicians to be the masters and you to be the servants. They’ve shown exactly what they think of you. On September 9th, if you live in Liberton/Gilmerton ward, you can show them what you think of their arrogance — so kick them where it hurts, in the ballot box, and vote Pirate Party.

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