Britblog Roundup #278

Welcome to issue #278 of Britblog Roundup, your weekly summary of all that’s best in British blogging.

We’ll start off with Brian Barder, who thinks Labour should court the Lib Dems not vilify them:

Directing its firepower more at the LibDems than at the Tories, excoriating Nick Clegg for his supposed betrayal of LibDem principles and promises by joining the Tories in government, trying to drive a wedge between the coalition partners — all these self-indulgent activities have been directly contrary to the interests, not only of the Labour party.

The latest folly has been to commit Labour to voting against the Bill providing for a referendum on AV (especially after Labour had been the only party to promise a referendum on AV in its manifesto). [This] is simply crass, partly because it makes Labour look opportunistic and unprincipled, and partly because it’s bound to infuriate and alienate the LibDems whose support Labour is sooner or later going to need

I suspect Brian’s right here. Labour’s best bet is probably to try to mop up as many Lib Dem voters, especially those on the left of the party. Rhetoric about how evil the Lib Dems are is unlikely to help, and nor is opposing AV.

Barder also thinks this government might not last 5 years:

the pull of a transfer of LibDem support to a Labour programme (and a Labour leader) hugely more attractive to the vast majority of LibDems could prove irresistible.  Of course the fall of the Tory-led coalition government and its replacement by a new Labour-LibDem administration under a Labour prime minister would certainly need to be ratified very quickly by a fresh election.

Charles Crawford thinks Cameron’s speechwriters are incompetent, since they had him give speeches that were subservient to Turkey and India:

It is a textbook example of how not to conduct international affairs … everything should be conditional. The message to be delivered is that it is in your interest to respect my interests. Cameron did the precise and exact opposite. His message was: The UK needs Turkey. Turkey is wonderful. Its behavior has been perfect. We are desperate for your help. What is the effect? A man goes into a bazaar, points to a carpet, and says, “That is the most beautiful carpet I have ever seen. I must have it no matter what the price! How much is it?”

I’m a bit doubtful about this analysis; i suspect the Turks know as well as anyone that this is just Cameron buttering up his audience.

D-Notice notices that fundies are about, this time in Australia:

“The scripture teacher told the class that all people were descended from Adam and Eve,” he said.

“My daughter rightly pointed out, as I had been teaching her about DNA and science, that ‘wouldn’t they all be inbred’?

“But the teacher replied that DNA wasn’t invented then.”

Unfortunately, creationism — or at least a meally-mouthed reluctance to anger creationists — has recently pervaded Scottish education:

Teachers furious as new Higher course fails to include areas such as evolution and ecology

That’s all for this week — it’s been a short one. Next week, it’s Jackart’s turn.

To submit an article for inclusion in next week’s BBRU, all you need to do is send a mail with a link to the post you would like to see included (and a brief summary of the contents if you feel so inclined, but this is not compulsory as each weekly host will read the submission) to the following address: britblog [at] gmail [dot] com

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  2. Just to point out for the record that the passage quoted above from my posting on David Cameron’s Turkey and India Speeches was not one written by me, but rather an American one I cited to help make various other points.

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