Raoul Moat and Facebook

Raoul Moat was a nasty murdering thug and I’m glad he’s dead. Some people disagree, and they’ve set up a Facebook page R.I.P RAOUL MOAT YOU LEGEND! ♥, a typical comment on which is this one from Gemma-Louise Stokes:

love got the better of you moat, RIP x

Not everyone agrees, however. Abbie Gale riposted with:


Other replies were similarly negative, for example Alisha Bell:

All those who are sympathising with this low life piece of scum are sick. You are empathising with a child abuser and murderer. Sleep well.

I detect a note of sarcasm in ‎Agnes Biscuits’ offering:

“love got the better of you moat”

lolz. Another one that’s just beyond parody. Oh yes – he was full of LOVE, alright. If only Shakespeare were alive today, he would write sonnet upon sonnet about this man.

Windsor Davies got straight to the point:

Il think ul find bullets got the better of him you dumb bint.

These comments pretty much sum up what I think of the idiots who admire Moat.

Having said that, I think on principle that the government should not censor Facebook, or other websites where people say nice things about Moat. This principle is called called Freedom Of Speech, the whole point of which is right to say things that offend people. (Even in the most repressive country in the world, North Korea, people are free to say things that offend no-one). The correct response to speech one finds offensive isn’t to gag them, it’s more speech pointing out why they’re wrong or bad.

Some enemies of free speech think there should be a right not to be offended; for example the Scottish government wants to make smutty jokes illegal if they offend someone. But these people all say things that free-speech advocates find offensive, when they advocate abolishing free speech. So the right-not-to-be-offended people are in effect saying to free-speech advocates: “you shouldn’t have the right to say things that we find offensive, but we should still be allowed to say things that you find offensive.” They are all hypocrites, and frankly many of them are worse people than Raoul Moat — after all Moat only killed one person, but these scumbags want to remove liberty from entire nations.

So I don’t think the government should censor Facebook; it should be up to Facebook what they choose to put on their website.

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2 Responses to Raoul Moat and Facebook

  1. Infomage says:

    Surely when you say “I think on principle that the government should censor Facebook, or other websites where people save nice things about Moat” that’s a typo… Unless you started out sarcastic and then forgot… :)

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