Britblog Roundup #271

Welcome to edition 271 of Britblog Roundup, the weekly summary of all that’s best in British blogging.


Dizzy puts Tim Ireland right.

Natalie Solent is glad to see the back of HIPs.

Brian Barder gives some advice to the Labour Party, now in opposition:

Radically overhaul every aspect of the late Labour government’s policies, brutally slaughtering sacred cows, and boldly thinking the hitherto unthinkable. Avoid like the Black Death any impression that if and when Labour is re-elected you will simply take up where the Blair and Brown governments left off.

Heresy Corner has his dream government:

Now that I have my dream government, or something closely resembling it, one of four things is going to happen: I shall become very boring, cheering the Con-Lib coalition with nauseating regularity; I shall lay off politics altogether and find something else to write about; or I shall rapidly discover that the Nick and Dave show is, after all, a squalid, unworkable nightmare, riven by splits and patched-up compromises and generally useless. Alternatively I shall go the way of (most recently) Letters from A Tory and shut up shop.

Neil Craig thinks the Kosovo government is involved in organlegging and genocide.

Matt Wardman tries a gentle protest against the Orange Digital Campaign awards:

[the Orange Digital Campaign awards] are being awarded by a panel of judges made up of leading journalists and bloggers from across and independent of the political spectrum. That’s all well and good, but there is no nomination process independent of the panel, and in an election which has been chaotic and quite local in many places, I think that that will inevitably miss many of the best examples.

Civil liberties

Jack of Kent writes about Paul Chambers, a man prosecuted and convicted fpr telling a bad joke. The joke? A Tweet saying:

Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!

The Eurozone and the financial crisis

P O Neill notes that the agreement of the Eurozone countries bailing out Greece was “construed in accordance with English law”:

Thus, as with the day-to-day operating language of the Eurozone, when it came time to need a legal architecture for an agreement among the countries, it is supplied by its most prominent non-member.

Charles Crawford asks:

Can the Eurozone and the European Union survive in its current form?

The Oil Spill

White Sun thinks BP is unfairly maligned:

Despite claims from US politicians, BP’s response to this disaster has been pretty good. They dispatched a flotilla of 32 cleanup vessels within 2 days of the initial blowout; by 26th April they had 1,000 personnel working on containing the spill; by 29th April there were 69 vessels on the scene, a number which had risen to 260 by 7th May, 530 by 10th May, 650 by 17th May, 750 by 18th May, and 930 by 20th May.


Tim Worstall discusses income inequality:

Well, as you can see, the absolute living standards for the poor in the UK, US, Sweden and Finland all seem to be around and about the same: between 35% and 39% of US median household income. But as we can also see the redistribution in such places as Sweden and Finland leads to the top 10% of households enjoying only slightly above US median lifestyles while the UK and US systems seems to allow much greater than this.

Neil Craig says nuclear power is cheaper than wave power:

I would like the basis of debate to be moved from such a blatantly dishonest bias on “renewables” to a more honest & useful discussion of whether nuclear is 1/3rd of the cost or 1/10th of the cost of politically favoured alternatives (& I would defend the right of the renewabilists to participate giving reasons why they insist energy prices be 3 to 10 times what they could be).

Other stuff

Robert Chambers aka Mutley is sadly missed — his memorial page is here.

Here‘s an iPhone app that links to FixMyStreet.

St Aidan discusses Generation X.

An Englishman’s castle writes about his ancestry.

And that’s it for this week…

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