One system to rule them all

Discussing the Conservative – Lib Dem negotiations, Shariq at Pickled Politics says:

5) I think Nick Clegg is right to put electoral reform fourth on his list of priorities. A reform of the economy, education and a fairer tax system are all more important than a change to how votes are counted.

I disagree: the electoral system determines who gets elected, who in turn determine the economic system, the education system, the tax system, and indeed all the other systems that make our country. So the electoral system rules all the other systems, and if the people want the other systems to be of their choosing, they fisrt need to get the electoral systrem right.

Some people might complain that it’s too abstract, and that the economy, tax, education are more pressing priorities. But they’re guilty of short-term thinking; we need to get the fundamentals of our society right, because everything else depends on them. Electoral reform is one such fundamental. Politicians are often accused of only looking as far ahead as the next election; it’s time for voters to take a longer-term view.

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