Who has the right to form a government?

Let’s assume, for the putrpose of argument, that the Conservatives get the same number of seats as Labour than the LDs between them. Who has the most right to form a government?

I’d argue that a Lab+LD coalition has more democratic right,  since about 55% will have voted for them, as opposed to 35% for the Tories.

Note that in such an outcome, 55% of the voters will get the same number of seats as 35%. This is clearly undemocratic, and why FPTP has to go. It’s also why democracy-hater Cameron supports FPTP; he doesn’t think Britain should be ruled by the people, he’d rather it was ruled by an undemocratic clique of old Etonians with Rupert Murdoch in the background pulling the strings.

Not that Brown is any better. Labour promised in 1997 to give the people a referendum on PR, and reneged on that promise. In truth, they probably never intended to keep it; it was a cynical move to get supporters of PR to vote for them. Labour’s current flirting with PR is purely due to their declining level of support.

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