The digital economy versus the Digital Economy Bill

I was at an Open Rights Group event in Edinburgh yesterday, about lobbying MPs regarding the DE Bill. One of the attendees, Hugh Hancock, pointed out that he will likely be harmed by the DE Bill, even though he is a creative person who is part of the digital economy, one of the very group of people this bill is ostensibly intended to help. (Of course, we all know that the DE is really there to protect the content distribution industry, not creative people).

So I suggested a website be created where people who create digital content and will be harmed by the DE Bill can say so. And ORG have put a page up on their wiki doing just that: it’s called Digital Economy Bill: Harming Creative People.

So if you’re a digital creative, and will be harmed by the DE Bill, I suggest you add yourself to the page, with a brief paragraph saying how the DE Bill will harm you. And forward the URL to your friends, so they can sign it too.

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