Mousavi: I’ll die for freedom

Mir Hossain Moussavi, the man who would have won last year’s Iranian election if the votes had been counted properly, has said that he is prepared to be a martyr in the struggle agianst the Iranian government:

Mousavi […] has said he is “not afraid to die” in defence of people’s rights and called for an end to the government crackdown on anti-establishment activists.

In a statement on his Kaleme website on Friday, Mousavi also said that the Islamic Republic was in “serious crisis” following the disputed presidential election in June.

“I am not afraid to die for people’s demands … Iran is in serious crisis … Harsh remarks … will create internal uprising … the election law should be changed … political prisoners should be freed,” his statement said.

I think this is going to be big. The struggle of the Iranian opposition is coming to a head; in 2010 either they will win, or they’ll be seriously repressed, and the regime will lose a great deal of its legitimacy.

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