Music industry faces $6 billion copyright lawsuit


A class action by Canadian musicians accuses the music industry of systematically infringing copyright, with potential damages of $6 billion.

Given the excessive punishments for copyright infringement that the music industry has successfully lobbied for, the final payout on this, both in Canada and worldwide, could easily exceed the combined market capitalisation of all the big recording companies put together. So it looks like they’ve been hoist by their own petard, although I’m sure their lawyers are working overtime trying to worm out of their just deserts.

There is no conformation yet that Lord Mandelson is planning a “300,000 strikes and you’re out” law to combat these serial copyright infringers.


Update: This story has also been picked up by: Boing Boing, TorrentFreak, The Devil’s Kitchen, Copyfight, Hacker News, Techdirt.

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2 Responses to Music industry faces $6 billion copyright lawsuit

  1. Martin Budden says:

    Note – there was an inaccuracy in the original article, the figure has been changed from $60 billion to $6 billion:

    Update: An earlier version of this post noted that record label liability could exceed $60 billion in this case. A reader helpfully noted the math gremlin – the correct number is $6 billion ($20,000 per infringement X 300,000 songs).

  2. Martin Budden says:

    I notice you have corrected your post. It is customary to state your update and say “thank you” to the person who pointed out the mistake.

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