Mandelson wants to quit

Many people think the Digital Economy Bill is a bad law. Lord Mandelson, who’s in charge of it, presumably thinks it’s a good law; either way, it’s a major piece of legislation that his department is pushing through in the run-up to the the general election. So you’d think Mandelson would be keen to remain as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, to steer the bill through parliament.

You’d be wrong:

Gordon Brown is facing demands to make Lord Mandelson foreign secretary in a row that risks tearing apart his government.

The business secretary is secretly pressing Brown to hold a cabinet reshuffle so he can achieve his life-long ambition of running the Foreign Office. Mandelson made the request after he was snubbed for the post of European Union foreign minister at last week’s Brussels summit.

Mandelson is a vain, self-centered man who puts his personal ambition before his minsterial duties. He’s not fit to run a whelk stall, let alone an important government department.

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