Say No to the Digital Economy Bill

Charlotte Gore understands the consequences of Lord Mandelson’s Digital Economy Bill:

Mandelson wants to be able to ban individuals from [the internet] as punishment for copyright infringement. […] Here’s the key question: do we want to live in a society where people can be cut off from the internet without a trial, without a jury and without proving they committed any offence at all?

How to answer that depends on how you view the internet. Is it like a hi-fi that the council can confiscate if you disturb your neighbours, or is it more like being banished from the town you live in?

I vote banished. I know enough people who don’t have friends in the real world, who socialise exclusively online. I know people who depend on access to the internet for their careers and livelihoods. It’s become such a huge part of our lives, of the way we live and interact with each other that cutting people off from it is a clear and severe restriction of their liberty.

The Digital Economy Bill is a declaration of war against Britain’s digital natives, because it treats the internet as a souped-up interactive TV, not as a fundamental part of our daily lives.

It’s a declaration of war against our civil liberties, as it imposes punishment without trial.

It’s a war crime against the British people as it imposes collective punishment, which contravenes section 33 or the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

Together we can fight this unjust law! Join the Pirate Party today.

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One Response to Say No to the Digital Economy Bill

  1. Paul Lockett says:

    One of the things which seems to have gone under the radar is that Mandelson is also seeking powers which will allow him to directly control the uk domain names system.

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