Robinson on digital natives

Pirate Party UK leader Andrew Robinson speaks on Russia Today about digital natives:

(via Stand up diggers all)

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2 Responses to Robinson on digital natives

  1. George Carty says:

    The issue of digital rights strikes me as one primarily appealing to young people — does this not mean the party’s appeal would be severely limited by the ageing populations in Britain (and in other European countries). Especially given than many young people in Britain are non-citizens…

    As I see it now is a very bad time to be a young person in Britain, because middle-aged and elderly homeowners have a demographic stranglehold on British electoral politics. Such people have an interest in cheap labour (nurses, home helps, tradesmen), high house prices (this also applies to the heirs of homeowners), high corporate profits and/or share prices (to boost pensions), authoritarian law-and-order policies and a tax system in which the bulk of taxation falls on earned income rather than on accumulated wealth.

    • George Carty says:

      Adding to that, is there a possibility that the Pirate Party may go beyond digital rights and look at other issues of pressing concern to young people?

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