Brown ponders electoral reform

The Prime Minster is considering electoral reform:

“The idea is gaining support in the Cabinet, and Labour now looks certain to fight the next election on a firm commitment to scrap the current voting system”

So reports The Independent in a piece today.

What makes this more than idle speculation? According to the Indy:

The Government’s Democratic Renewal Council, chaired by Gordon Brown, met this week. Although no final decision was taken, The Independent has learnt that the options it is considering include:

* Rushing through legislation before the election to allow a referendum on electoral reform shortly afterwards;

* A polling day referendum on the principle of changing the system, to be followed by a second plebiscite if there were a “yes” vote;

* A polling day referendum on a switch to AV or “AV plus”, to be implemented at the following general election;

* A Labour manifesto commitment to change the system if the party retains power.

One cabinet source said: “The idea of a referendum on election day is on the agenda. It is a very live issue.”

The correct way for the ogvernment to do this would be to select one system — either AV or AV+ would do — and have the referendum on that specific system. That way, it would be hard for the Tories to wriggle out of it if the people vote for change.

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