BBC’s Have Your Say on filesharing

The BBC are doing a Have Your Say on the question: Should file-sharers be cut off?

If you have a look at the Readers Recommended responses, they are nearly all against filesharers being cut off. Some samples:

  • If my partner downloads files which turn out to be pirated how do you then cut them off without cutting me off – who has not broken the law?
  • Let me guess: do the government’s plans for cracking down on illegal file sharers by any chance include a provision for tracking the internet usage of absolutely everyone in a giant database?
  • Who the hell is Mandleson to decide who can and cannot access the internet?
  • Lord Mandelson meets with David Geffen on holiday and suddenly we need to change our laws – is this the correct way to conduct our government affairs?
  • Seven million people are doing something that is deemed to be illegal … I don’t know about you, but I would suggest that when so many people are doing something, the law is what needs fixing, not the people.
  • The large media publishing companies need to work with consumers on this issue. Over pricing of DVDs, earlier releases in America, region locking. All of these lead to people turning to piracy.
  • Leave people to enjoy TV and film in peace. Free from Labour’s net police!
  • Now [we are] told what we can and can’t do on the internet, all this from two unelected politicians (Brown & Mandelson)
  • Isn’t it amazing how big business like Sony BMG for instance control governments. It happened in France, its now happening here, forced upon us by the big names in Music and Films.
  • The popularity of the up & coming UK pirate party will make the gov. think twice
  • Also, I thought we had to be tried before being found guilty? Would the CPS really wish to spend hours and hours taking teenagers to court, just for listening to the latest Kylie song?
  • Most people only download stuff they can’t get anywhere else – TV shows only shown in the US, for example.
  • Cutting people off from the internet is not the solution.
  • Why should the ISP’s be forced to act against their customers because of a whim of Government in cahoots with big business?
  • ISPs should not be allowed to arbitrarily punish people, especially in the days of wireless internet when the owner of a network may well not be the person who has downloaded illegal material.

We’re winnnig the argument!

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One Response to BBC’s Have Your Say on filesharing

  1. ahdkaw says:

    Don’t act so surprised, man. Of course we’re winning, we have the truth on our side.

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