IFPI and MPAA hate democracy

Following the registration of Finland’s Pirate Party as an official political party, the Finnish chapter of IFPI said they don’t approve of people being able to stand for election on a copyright reform platform:

Copyright holder organisations in Finland were outraged at the news of the group’s formation.

“We are absolutely against the idea that any political party can give their support to the idea of free use of protected content,” said Arto Alaspaeae, the director of IFPI Finland (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry).

It’s easy to dismiss this as a one-off comment, but other leaders of rightsholder organisations have said similar things in the past, for example Dean Garfield of the MPAA said in 2007:

“There’s nothing about what the Pirate Bay does or what the Pirate Party does that is

Fundamentally, they don’t believe in democracy, they want their obsolete business models to be propped up forever, however much it warps society to do it.

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