German pirates on 90% in online poll

There’s a general election in Germany in September, and German social networking website Xing thought it’d be a good idea for members/supporters of political parties to create an account and say who they support. Unfortunately they missed out the Pirate Party, so 90% of the people who logged on had to say they supported “others”.

Here’s a graph:


Xing’s blog has an article on this, and most of the comments seem to be complaining about the lack of a Pirate Party option, e.g:

Wo ist denn die Piratenpartei? = Where’s the Pirate Party then?

Ich vermisse die Piratenpartei. = I miss the Pirate Party

Ich will nicht “Sonstige” wählen, sondern ich will die PIRATEN wählen! = I don’t want to vote for  “others”, I want to vote for PIRATES!

Xing have relented and say they’re going to add the Pirate Party as an option, but they’ve not done so yet.

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One Response to German pirates on 90% in online poll

  1. Jürgen says:

    meanwhile wr drpeed down on 70 % :-) Thanks to international attendance we still got the majority

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