PriceWaterhouseCoopers are corrupt

The Independent and Mark Wadsworth both point to the accountancy firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, who are helping the Conservative party by sending some of their staff to work as researchers for the party’s shadow Treasury team. At the same time PWC are reducing their support for Labour

PriceWaytoolongnameCoopers are doing this for two reasons. Firstly they want to write Tory policy. More importantly, they anticipate that in return they’ll get a share of lucrative £4 billion consultancy contracts.

The truth is that both Labservative parties have their tongues rights up big business’s arse. And big business in return has it’s tongue up the Labservatives’ arse. Bribes, researchers, and non-executive directorships flow one way, and lucretive contracts flow the other.

The only ones who lose out are the British people, who’ll continue to lose until the stop voting the Labservatives into power. Instead I suggest that people vote for the Pirate Party, who make it their business to fight bloated corporate and government interests.

UPDATE: Craig Murray has also come out against this scandal, saying:

The Tories’ dependence on these people should shatter any illusions that the Tories will better control the financial services sector. The financial services sector will, as always, control the Tories,

Newly elected Norwich North MP Chloe Smith was of course one of those seconded from the sector – from Deloitte – to the Conservative Party. It is an instructive case. After university, Smith worked for two Tory MPs, Gillian Shepherd and James Clappison – the latter famously bought 156 trees at taxpayer expense to mark the boundary of his country estate.

Chloe’s theoretical “Transfer” to Deloitte – while still in fact working for the Conservative Party on secondment – appears to be not only a subvention from Deloitte in taking a full time Tory hack onto their books, but a deliberate attempt to build up Chloe’s CV by making it appear she had not only worked for the Conservative Party.

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