Police arrest woman for filming them

Yet again, the police have arrested a member of the public for filming them.

This sort of behaviour does the police’s reputation no good. I have friends — middle-aged, middle class people, not chavs — who think the police are uniformed thugs.

We need a law making it a crime for the police to arrest anyone for filimng them, unless the filmer is clearly commiting a crime.

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One Response to Police arrest woman for filming them

  1. ahdkaw says:

    The police have only recently had this available to them. I hate the double-standards enforced against the great people of this nation, the police can film us, but we can’t film them? The perfect law against the perfect crime of police brutality.

    As far as I am concerned, the police are nothing more than a “crew” or “gang.” The evidence for this is rife throughout the force, the so called IPCC is not independent in any shape or form whatsoever, they often not only share the same building, but the same office space, hence meaning that specific complaints against specific officers will be ignored, and the victim blamed.

    I have no trust in the Police, I used to, until they kicked ten balls of shit out of me for being in the wrong place at the right time.

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