Brits unsympathetic to rights-holders

According to a new survey, most Britons are unsympathetic with claims to rights-holders to be paid when content is downloaded. The survey is by Telindus, their press release says:

Three out of five UK adults don’t believe that musicians should profit from their singles and music videos being downloaded online, according to a survey of 2,000 adults carried out for network integration specialist Telindus. The British disdain for content owners profiting from their art online increases when it comes to film and TV makers, with for more than two thirds of UK adults believing that they shouldn’t derive any royalties.

Incidently the Pirate Party is happy for content creators to be paid, just as long as payment isn’t enforced by mechanisms which remove our civil liberties (such as online surveillance, 3-strikes laws, etc).

Many Britons are also pirates:

With online content royalties a sore subject for UK adults, it is no surprise that 44 per cent of people that download music, films and video games admitted to never paying for content that they were supposed to. Men proved to be the most prolific online pirates with half never paying for content, compared to 38 per cent of women.

Maybe these people will realise it’s in their interests to vote Pirate Party!

(via The Guardian)

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