HADOPI mark II: 5 minute show trials

Remember HADOPI? It’s coming back with 5 minute show trials.

To recap for those who don’t remember: HADOPI is a proposed French law being pushed by President Sarkozy which would cut off the Internet access of people accused by the entertainment industry of filesharing. In other word’s it’s France’s version of 3-strikes. Last month the Constitutional Council of France struck down HADOPI as unconstitutional.

Sarkozy has now come back withn HADOPI Mark II: this time, people will get a trial before being disconnnected, but it’ll be a special trial lasting 5 minutes:

now there’s a new twist in the infamous HADOPI law. It appears that, on average, judges will be given 5 minutes to decide whether or not to disconnect and possibly fine an individual accused of breaching copyright laws a third time.

I’m sure these trials will be very bit as fair as Stalin’s show trials.

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