Early Day Motions, a waste of money

Mark Thompson thinks Early Day Motions are a waste of money:

There is a campaign that started recently called “Scrap Early Day Motions” (website/blog here). They are campaigning to get rid of the House of Commons device for registering MPs feelings about issues altogether. […] At the time of writing there are 1757 EDMs (not counting amendments). If they due really cost circa £300 a go, that equates to a cost of £527,100.

An EDM is just a petition that can only be signed by MPs. They should therefore be much less expensive to adminster — all you need is a petitions website that only MPs have a login to sign.

A Pirate Party government would be run by people who interweave the Internet in their everyday lives, and would therefore be fully computer literate, and would thus be able to prevent such obvious waste.

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