Pirate Parties throughout the world

cyrusfarivar notes that Pirate Parties are springing up throughout the world:

Remember those crazy kids at the Pirate Bay trial in Sweden earlier this year? Right after the trial, membership in the Piratpartiet surged to over 30,000 members. Today, there are nearly 50,000 members.

While this may have been laughable earlier this year, just a few weeks ago during the European Union elections, PP earned a seat in the European Parliament. Further, PP members convinced former Social Democrat Jörg Tauss to leave the the SDP and join the German Pirate Party, or the Piratenpartei Deutschland.

Beyond these successes, the Pirate Party is spreading around Europe and around the globe. In the past few weeks alone, chapters in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Estonia, and Switzerland have been founded.

This week, the United States Pirate Party is holding its annual elections — maybe they’ll soon be successful in getting someone elected to the state level?

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3 Responses to Pirate Parties throughout the world

  1. hoboduke says:

    We are blazing a new path in the USA. I am with the Hobo Party. We are demanding to be recognized as displaced citiizens within our own country with the same rights as illegal immigrants! The Robber Barons being propped up by the current regime in the USA are throwing out people from their homes, their jobs, and robbing citizens inside their banks with credit cards and fees.
    I am a hobo and we are growing in numbers!

  2. asquith says:

    They’ve got more chance than the libertarian party.

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