Over the next few weeks, almost 400 000 students will graduate from our Universities. Many of these will not find jobs at all, or end up working in jobs that they could have started at the age of 16. My prediction is that this Summer at long last, schools will finally begin to question the accepted doctrine of encouraging every pupil who can spell their own name to rush blindly into taking on £20 000 worth of debts in order to gain a worthless degree from an institution that should never have been allowed to call itself a University in the first place.


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2 Responses to Universities

  1. asquith says:

    Yes indeed.

    The problem would be if able working-class kids didn’t bother, but the dimmer scions of the middle class continued their stampede into “uni”. They already make up most of the average poly’s population.

    But overall, if the intellectually incurious don’t go on courses they were never suited for, I’ll right be celebrating.

    I was at Keele with a bunch of fuckers who’d have been on the streets if they weren’t priviliged. I think those who’ve somehow crawled up from shite schools, like me, make better students because we are grateful to be there.

  2. writey says:

    I would have made over twice as much if I had just gotten a job straight out of high school. But nooooo, I had to get a worthless engineering degree and wade around in unemployment, underemployment, dead-end work, and low paying barely-engineering jobs.

    Don’t go to engineering school!

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