Why the Pirate Party is necessary

In Spain a man is being prosecuted for the heinous crime of writing a program:

A Madrid court is expected to rule later this month in a ground-breaking prosecution of software designer Pablo Soto who is being sued for €13 million for enabling internet piracy with his hugely popular peer-to-peer filesharing programs, including Manolito P2P.

If this is against the law, then Microsoft should be prosecuted for Windows, the operating system which most P2P software runs on. ISPs should be prosecuted for being ISPs. People who make hard disks should be prosecuted, because they hard disks might be used to store illegal copies of files. Etc.

And that’s why we need a Pirate Party in the UK (and in the rest of the world, of course). The entertainment industry’s power grab will not be stopped until we fight back against them. In Sweden the Pirate Party got 7.1% and got an MEP elected — and Spain and Britain can follow Sweden.

The government’s Digital Britain report is due to be published today — a Pirate Party UK can fight any harmful proposals contained in it.

Our liberty on the Internet is at stake. If we value it, we must organise today. So join the Pirate Party. Now.

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6 Responses to Why the Pirate Party is necessary

  1. pochp says:

    Very clear and concise explanation.
    Now I understand your position and support you.

    • cabalamat says:

      Then you should join the Pirate Party — you can do so by going to their forum, registering and introducing yourself on this thread.

      (PPUK is still in the process of forming and becomeing a registered political party. Soon we’ll have a proper membership process where people can pay a small yearly fee to join; the money will halp us campaign.)

  2. George Carty says:

    Should I see the Pirate Party as a threat? (I work for a computer games company.) Or are they only going after the MAFIAA?

    • cabalamat says:

      The Pirate Party is no threat at all to computer games companies, as far as I can tell.

      In any case the trend in computer games is for them to be playable online over the Internet, which makes it very easy for the companies to extract money from game-players.

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  4. John Watsion says:

    And what is your policy on every thing else?

    Whats you policy on education?

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