Lord Carter on copyright and Digital Britain

Later today Lord Stephen Carter will unveil his Digital Britain report. Here he is on video speaking about online piracy (via Open Rights Group):

It also appears that the Digital Britain report may call for the BBC to share some of its license fee revenue:

The BBC could be made to share part of the television licence fee with commercial rivals under government plans to be announced later.

The Digital Britain report will suggest ways to help companies like Channel 4 cope with the impact of the internet.

Local newspapers and television stations have both suffered significant losses in revenue thanks to the internet, but Mr Brown insisted their journalism must be protected. “We cannot allow a monopoly to take root,” he wrote, “We also need to help Channel 4 to secure its future… it now requires long-term stability to develop as a truly global player.”

The BBC’s media correspondent Torin Douglas said Lord Carter believed the licence fee could be a possible answer to the woes of commercial broadcasters.

If the license fee is going to be divvied up beytween different content producers, it shoul;dn’t be done by the government deciding who gets what. Instead, each license fee payer should decide for themselves where their TV licence money goes.

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