Ahmadinejad wins rigged election

Ahmadinejad has apparently won the Iranian presidential election:

Iran’s electoral commission says votes counted so far in the presidential poll show that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been re-elected. With 80% of the vote counted, Mr Ahmadinejad has 65% support and has claimed victory in an election that drew a large turnout.


His leading rival, reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi has complained of a number of voting irregularities.

And there are reports coming in that the Iranian government is blocking the BBC, blocking foreign websites and blocking mobile phone text messages, which all suggests the the poll has been rigged and the authorities want to prevent unrest due to it being fixed.

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2 Responses to Ahmadinejad wins rigged election

  1. SJB says:

    I don’t see how blocking communications AFTER the election leads you to the conclusion that the poll has been rigged; although I agree with your analysis that these measures may have been taken to prevent public disorder. The following article appears to suggest that the mechanisms for influencing the election are prohibiting a person from standing as a candidate and closing particular newspapers – both BEFORE the election.


    • cabalamat says:

      The article you cite says that Ahmadinejad has genuine support, and I don’t doubt that. However, Mousavi clearly has genuine support too.

      The authorities are suppressing communications media. They are doing this because one of:

      (a) they have fixed the election, assumed people wouldn’t like this, and wanted to pre-emptively prevent trouble

      or (b) they have not fixed the election, assmued people wouldn’t like the result even othough it was an honest election, and have pre-emptively acted to prevent trouble

      I think (b) is unlikely, since the authorities wouldn’t anticipate disaorder after an honest election. Therefore (a) is more likely of the two.

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