Don’t throw eggs at Griffin

Nick Griffin was pelted with eggs today:

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been pelted with eggs and forced to abandon a press conference outside Parliament. Dozens of protesters disrupted the event, which follows the British National Party winning its first two seats in the European Parliament.

Chanting anti-Nazi slogans and holding placards they surrounded Mr Griffin as he was bundled into a car. There was a brief scuffle as Mr Griffin was jostled by protesters – and a scrum of cameramen – before the BNP leader was bundled into the back seat of a waiting car by his security men.

This is a bloody stupid thing to do. The protesters should grow up; they need to realise that all they have achieved is make Griffin look good. As Caron points out:

Even if he were pelted with every egg or rotten vegetable in the country every time he stepped outside his front door, it’s not going to make him go away and it just gives him potentially sympathetic publicity. If you actually let him stand there and speak, sooner or later he’s going to take the rope that’s offered and hang himself.

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