Most politicians are obsessed with power

Politicians, in particular Caroline Spellman, are obsessed with greed for power:

Caroline Spellman was speaking on radio 4 this morning. I can’t find the exact quote but she said something like, it’s great that Tories are winning in the Midlands and the North because they are the battlegrounds.

These local elections are meant to be about helping people locally, devolved power, local solutions for local problems, etc etc etc. A Tory successes locally should mean more parent focussed schools with greater discipline, recycling incentives and zero waste strategies, real time transport information and reduced congestion, all things that local councils can change and that the Tories are ‘committed’ to.

I might not think that Tory controlled local councils are a good thing, but Caroline certainly does, yet instead of celebrating the lives that will be changed, the communities that will function better and the environment that will be greener as a result of the local elections, she looks only to what this indicates for a General Election in a month or maybe a years time.

I sometimes wonder if we shouldn’t have a system whereby anyone who wants power isn’t thereby disqualified from getting it.

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