Some MPs not just greedy but criminal

The expenses scandal has shown that lots of MPs a greedy, keen to maximise their expenses. Some MPs, however, are not just greedy but criminal:

Jim Devine MP is a Criminal

There is overwhelming evidence that New Labour’s Jim Devine MP is a criminal who has produced faked receipts for almost five thousand pounds.

The Herald has been doing an excellent job of digging in to Devine’s expenses. Last week they uncovered a “receipt” he submitted for 2157 pounds for rewiring. The company name, address, postcode and VAT number all proved bogus.

It could have been that Devine did pay for the work, and was given a fake receipt. But that seems less likely given this week’s revelation. Devine claimed 2326 pounds for 60 metres of shelving at his constituency office in Blackburn, West Lothian.

Just think how much 200 feet of shelving is. A huge amount. About 2,000 books worth. But the Herald says that there is no shelving at the constituency office.

Greedy behaviour is to a certain extent excusable; we all care about looking after our own interests. But fraud is something else entirely. Whether it’s non-existant mortgages, MPs employing their children to do jobs that involve no work, or fabricating fake receipts, where there is evidence that an MP might be a criminal, that evidence needs to be brought before a court to let the jury decide if the behaviour constitutes a crime.

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