Voters don’t buy Cameron’s rhetoric

I’ve written before that I’m extremely sceptical of the reform package offered by David Cameron. Well guess what? The voters don’t buy it either:

David Cameron yesterday called for a ‘massive, sweeping, radical redistribution of power’ in the country, arguing that it was time for citizens and parliament to claw back some control from the state.

But the public are highly sceptical over whether he would be quite so bold if he actually became Prime Minister.  Overall, a strong seventy per cent majority felt that Cameron’s actions in office would be more cautious than his recent speech suggests.

Under a quarter (twenty three per cent) reckoned that he would carry through with such a radical redistribution of power.

The only group who felt that Cameron would live up to his words on gaining power were Conservative supporters, and even these only by the slender margin of fifty four to forty four.

(via Liberal Democrat Voice)

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One Response to Voters don’t buy Cameron’s rhetoric

  1. George Carty says:

    I was thinking of voting Tory myself, but my logic is more like “I hate New Labour, and although on balance I prefer the Lib Dem policies, I will not vote for a party opposed to nuclear energy…” Is this a reasonable position in your view?

    Similarly, if I’d been American I would have been cynical about Obama, but still voted for him out of terror at the prospect of a President Palin…

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