Mass political parties are obsolete

Large centralised politcal parties are creatures of the industrial revolution. Now that we live in the information revolution, they’re becoming obsolete. Charles Crawford explains why:

technology does numerous new things which have never ever been possible before:

  • it allows collective mass participatory analysis and decision-making in real time
  • it exposes abuses and distributes the examples at lightening speed
  • it gives people a way to remonstrate with leaders directly and in huge numbers
  • it ignores distinctions of class, colour, gender, nationality – everyone is in a quite new sense ‘equal’
  • it lets people choose directly the issues they think are important and how they decide on them
  • it shoves out of the way those who claim to speak for the Collective Will and allows New Bottom-up Collective Will(s) to emerge spontaneously
  • it erodes Authority which is Just There
  • above all, it encourages Authority which is Earned

All this is obvious. What is unclear is how exactly the erosion and collapse of existing arrangements set up in different times under different visions of Authority will happen.

The current political parties in the UK sense the uneasiness of their position but are not able to articulate an agenda for reform on the scale required

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