Another trougher bites the dust…

Tory MP Anthony Steen has announced that he won’t be standing at the next election:

Anthony Steen has confirmed that he is standing down at the next general election. Speaking exclusively to ConservativeHome, he said:

“The real issue is who can fix the country, and I have become a distraction, so have decided that I won’t stand again. I don’t want to risk the party losing the seat, so it is in the best interests of the party that I go.

“There has been no pressure from my association; they have been marvellous: members have been very put out by the Daily Telegraph coverage.

“I’ve had a very good innings, there’s no bitterness, no anger, but as the saying goes, all political careers end in tears.”

Steen had claimed £88,000 for gardening work in the grounds of his multi-million pound mansion:

Mr Steen, the MP for Totnes who has been in the Commons since 1974, paid a forestry expert to inspect up to 500 trees in the grounds of his country estate.

Over four years Mr Steen claimed £87,729, including payments for tree surgery, guarding his shrubs against rabbits, maintaining a separate cottage and overhauling his private sewage system. In January 2005, items on Mr Steen’s claim for £13,742 included £2,858.94 for leaking pipes, £1,755.89 for fixing the water supply from the “spring and bore hole”, £1,318 for a wrought iron fireplace and £597.14 for lights.

There was also a £459 charge from a woodland consultant to come and inspect new plantings on Mr Steen’s lands. The consultant tagged shrubs and assessed whether there was a need for “additional guarding” against rabbits.

Another £120 was for “fencing on two fields to the right of the drive leading down to the stables”.

I’m saddened that Steen has resigned, saddened because the worthless greedy shit will not suffer the humiliation of losing what would normally be a safe Tory seat at the general election.

(via Iain Dale)

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5 Responses to Another trougher bites the dust…

  1. MatGB says:

    My parents MP. I grew up in his seat, half my family still lives in it.

    I guess I can delete my folder of links telling the world how awful he is, right? Paid his daughter a stupid salary for no work, parked in a disabled bay at the train station despite there being plenty of on street parking within easy walking distance. Used to be an MP in Liverpool, seat got abolished in a boundary changed. He’s been living off the public purse for as long as I’ve been alive, and has never managed to even get a junior ministry.

    He really is that useless.

    • cabalamat says:

      Paid his daughter a stupid salary for no work

      That’s fraud, and both of them should be banged up.

    • burkesworks says:

      When this came up on the news I thought immediately of you, Mat.

      About the only thing I can think of that Steen is notable for other than being useless and bent is being one of the first Tory MPs to do what’s now known as the chicken run; didn’t he throw over his existing seat at Liverpool Wavertree in order to bag the much safer Totnes?

      • cabalamat says:

        Steen was on the radio today complaining that the publicity about his expenses was an invasion of privacy. He also said it was Labour’s fault because of the Freedom of Information Act, and that MPs’ expenses should be kept private.

        If he had said all that to me in person, I think I might have punched him in the face.

      • MatGB says:

        Yup, chicken ran down when Wavertree was abolished and all the other local seats were no hope seats for Tories.

        And yes, when I heard him say that the voters had no business looking into his private affairs (paid for by the taxpayer) I wanted to throw things. That a fair number of my friends hand family have voted for him in the past despite his party affiliation because he was a ‘decent local MP’ is horrible to consider.

        I always knew he was useless (partially through reports from Dad who was a senior officer for the local council), but a lot of people were taken in by him.

        Linus’s Law in action methinks, transparency is good, it exposes the egregious arseholes. I just hope they can get through the rest soon so we can see the full list, including all the good guys (which I think is the majority of MPs and certainly the majority of Lib Dems).

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