Let the BNP get publicity

Some people are bothered that the BNP may get some MEPs elected in the upcoming Euro election.

I’m not. I’m happy for the BNP to get an MEP or two, and for them to get publicity. Because the more publicity they get, the more people will know about them and the more people will dislike them.

Take for example Johnson Beharry, the British soldier who won a Victoria Cross for bravery in Iraq. He’s black, so the BNP decided to attack him:

The BNP, led by Nick Griffin, called Johnson Beharry “an immigrant” and claimed his heroics, which saved the lives of 30 fellow soldiers, were simply “routine”.

On its website the far-right political party states that Lance Corporal Beharry only received Britain’s top military honour because of “positive discrimination by the PC-mad government”.

It comes just days after the party held an Armed Forces Awareness Day to try to portray themselves as “the only party that supports our troops”.

Grenada-born L/Cpl Beharry was honoured in 2005 after twice saving lives under enemy fire. He became the Army’s most high-profile war hero when he received the VC for “repeated extreme gallantry and unquestioned valour” for the two rescues in May and June 2004 “despite a harrowing weight of incoming fire”.

The BNP are an avowedly racist party who want to kick out all non-white people from Britain, including everyone of mixed race. They are both evil and stupid, so I’m very happy for them to show their true colours, and if any BNP MEPs are elected I’m sure every time they open their mouths they’ll dissuade people from voting for them again.

(via Iain Dale)

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