We petition the Prime Minister to resign

When the Number 10 website set up a section for petitions, they probably didn’t expect that the most popular petition would be one calling for the Prime Minister to resign:


If you think Gordon Brown should go, you can add your name to the petition here.

As Alix Mortimer says:

I am tickled to bits at the poetry and brutality of it – a petition on his own website. And there’s no denying that if it gets much beyond a hundred thousand signatures it will be News, so we would be only be optimistically following an early trend in exhorting our readers to sign it.

And, yes, it’s true, I just cannot stand Gordon Brown any more – a harsh judgement, you may think, but you don’t have to play back PMQs a dozen times for a write-up every Wednesday. How did we ever fall for the intellectual thing? This man simply cannot construct a sentence, his thoughts are like huge ice shelves ponderously crashing into each other over thousands of years. I had become a bit immunised to his curious dreadfulness at the despatch box, and was brought down to earth by a gentleman of my close acquaintance, who doesn’t usually watch PMQs, watching the Gurkhas session with me last week.

“Is he always like this?” he asked, aghast, as Gordon entered incoherent double-negative-sub-demi-clause forty-four in minute fifteen of his answer. Well, pretty much, yeah.

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