Pirate Party is 3rd biggest in Sweden

The Pirate Party is now 3rd biggest in Sweden, in terms of members:

Support for the Swedish Pirate Party surged following the Pirate Bay verdict and today it became the third largest political party in the country. When they are elected for the European Parliament next month, the party hopes to end the abuse of copyright by multi-billion dollar corporations.

The explosive growth rate displayed after the Pirate Bay verdict has skyrocketed the Pirate Party’s member count and today they’ve surpassed that of the Center Party. Of all the established parties only the Social Democratic Party and the Moderate Party have more members.

Let’s hope that translates to votes in the next month’s European election. One opinion poll puts them on 5.1% which would give them one seat and is extremely good for what is essentially a single issue party founded 3 years ago.

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One Response to Pirate Party is 3rd biggest in Sweden

  1. Pirate Party UK says:

    This is the Pirate Party of the United Kingdom calling in, join our forum, our blog, and our Twitter

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